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Ramon Castro


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Hey I am as much a fan of Ramon as anyone, but I have to admit he has been very dissapointing thus far. I am hoping he is just in a major slump right now and that he will snap out of it. But in my opinion Redmond has earned himself the primary catcher role and should get more games right now than Castro.

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Hey I am as much a fan of Ramon as anyone

Well, I AM president of the Ramon Castro fan club. :) :p


Ramon had two nice shots last night, but he's got to start swinging down, thinking opposite way. All he's doing is flying out, swinging for the fences, and until that changes, he's just going to keep hitting this way. I credit most of this downfall to his adjusting to a starting role, and I do feel he'll vastly improce as we go along.

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well we all know that Redmond bats for average, he's more of a contact slap hitter ... unlike Castro who goes for the fences.


I will still Platoon them ... I'd like to give Castro every single chance possible. Right now Red is the hot bat so i'd vote for him to start the majority of the games ... but in the series in Colorado i'd rather leave Castro behind the plate.

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... but in the series in Colorado i'd rather leave Castro behind the plate.

I am in total agreement. Yeah maybe get him out of a slump, and plus a fly ball there can be a home run on any shot. He has been disappointing but at least we do have another catcher that can hit for average. I say keep platooning them and get Castro more at bats.

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I'm a big supporter of Ramon Castro, I had faith in him in the offseason and I still do, but the question has to be asked: at what point do we pull the plug on him and start going with a platoon or exploring other options?


I mean we're winning with him in his slump, which is a good thing, but if we had dropped a few more games, his slump would certainly be exacerbated. I'm not calling for a radical shakeup, but I'm just tossing the idea out there: when is it time to say "enough?"


Hopefully he starts hitting tonight and puts this discussion to bed...

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I was alll for Castro starting but Red is the man. I always liked Redmond but i never thought he would be this hot. Hopefully his performance will drive Ray to do better, but I think that McKeon should go with Redmond for right now. It would be great if they were both doing well but right now let's just be glad that Red is doing his job. I believe that when we really need him Castro will come through in the future.

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too early to say he is a bust. common, it is not even 4 weeks into the season.


I believe most here had unrealistic expectations for Ramon.

ding! ding!




I heard crap about Castro being the savior.



Hitting .280 + close to 30 homers...etc.




People saw his numbers last year and failed to realize a simple stat.....




It was in limited at bats against mostly lefties. This league is dominated by right handed arms.



There was a reason Castro was the third catcher last year etc...



Its not because he was being 'disrespected'...



Its because he simply is not as good as people wanted to think.



PS....SeaBass now has a higher average than Castro.



PSS....Hopefully Castro can start to hit soon.

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Well, it looks like it is up to me to bring some rational thinking into the discussion here. :mischief


Castro has started 10 games while Red has started 9. Red has appeared in 12 games while Castro has appeared in 11.


So as far as the stats state, THIS IS A PLATOON. McKeon even said he has two starters right now. Neither has taken over the lead. It is Castro's job to win though, and once he starts hitting - and he will - he will take over as starter.


(BTW, the ERA of pitchers for Red: 3.06, for Castro: 2.67)


I have said this before and others have pointed this out: Castro (and SeaBass) has got to learn to hit to RF. Hit pitches on the outer half of the plate the other way and stop trying to pull them. SeaBass tries to pull EVERYTHING. The reason Fudge was so dangerous was because of his ability to hit the other way. Same goes for Miggy. They hit what you give them. This is something that I am sure the coaches are working on and Castro IS adjusting to being a starter. Remember, this guy has not played an entire season. He is basically a rookie. The jury should still be out on him - and I think he is still going to end up with pretty good numbers.



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and Castro is going to keep playing because Red is NOT an everyday starter


he even said so himself

No doubt.




But Castro will get 50% of the starts unless he actually starts to make consistent contact.




I will still be somewhat surprised if at the end of the year Castro has a BA higher than .250

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glad i saw this thread..... i wantted to make a message sayin how dissipointed i am in castro......


the way i see it is, this guy has been in the shadow of CJ and Pudge "2 all star caliber playaz."


now this is his year to shine..... the man is 27 the age where most playayz in any sport hit there prime..... and yet here he is chokin.....


now i now we shoudlnt complain and be cool....


i mean Jeter wont go 0-500....... he's gonna get a hit eventually..... pay rod is gonna get hot soon... bernie is washed up and needs tor etire..... smankee fans have more to complain about......


facts are "he needs to get hot, he starts 3 outta every 5...... and suxs so far.....


dont w e have a kdi in the minors that plays like La Duca?????? hits great has no power??? cant remember his name..... lets bring his ass up...... if castro continues 2 play like this until Middle May.......

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