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hey i am new


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hey...i live in orlando, the worst sports town in florida.

No Miami is. :banghead no orlando is...seriously....


i mean miami pisses me off, but orlando is worse... Ok, you may have the crappiest teams on the earth in the Magic and whatever your AFL team is but Miami has very good teams (Marlins, Heat) one team which is always above-average (Dolphins) and an up-and-coming team in the Panthers. Miamians are such fairweather fans it pisses the hell off me. And if the Panthers make it to the Stanley Cup in the near future, and all these kids get to go to a Stanley Cup game and I am stuck at home listening to Barry Melrose, I will be super pissed. (As many of you know I am one of the diehard Panthers fans who supports the team through thick and thin). Just like with the Marlins.

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