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Elisha Cuthbert engaged?


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The Girl Next Door beauty Elisha Cuthbert is celebrating after becoming engaged to her boyfriend, Trace Ayala, a personal assistant to pop star Justin Timberlake.


The 21-year-old actress - who rocketed to fame playing Kim Bauer in hit TV series 24 - accepted Ayala's romantic proposal last week, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.


In April, Cuthbert angrily denied reports she was romancing Timberlake after she was spotted sneaking into the Cry Me A River star's Dublin, Ireland hotel - an event which forced her to inform the world she was actually paying her beau of one year a visit.


She said, "Those rumors about Justin and I put me in an awkward position, as I was actually seeing his best friend, Trace Ayala, and have been for the past year.


"I'd been friends with Justin and met Trace afterwards...although we don't get to spend as much time together as we'd like."


It's not yet known when the happy couple will wed.


World Entertainment News Network 2004

Clear Channel News Network


I met her man a couple of years ago at my friends' concert. He's a nice guy (and very handsome). I wish them luck if the rumor is true.


Here's a picture...

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Oh geez.... How many straight guys do you know are fashion designers? There's nothing wrong with him being bi/gay/straight/curious/whatever. It's just a thought that couldn't help cross my mind.

P. Diddy

Outkast (more specifically Andre 3000)

Tommy Hillfigger

FunkMaster Flex

The Wu Tang Clan

The Ol' Dirty Bastard (Dirty Drawers line coming soon)




Wow, perhaps we should live our life by cultural stereotypes. The fact that you even had the thought proves you need new software. We shouldn't judge EVERYONE with blond streaks and who designs clothes as being gay.

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Andre is gay and YOU KNOW IT! Oh yeah, I just guess he's "different". :plain


Funk Flex has LaTrice Givens, a transvestite designer from Bolivia to draw up his driving shoes. I have proof, ya know. I do go out with LaTrice :)


*grabs my coach bag and prances away*

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Andre isnt gay



Owned? No, I don't consider myself getting "owned". I just admitted that Brian is right in the sense that maybe I was being stereotypical. But it's okay though. ;) I wasn't the only one saying he was "different".

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