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Enormous Signatures


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Can we do something about the people on this website with ridiculously and unnecessarily large signatures? I know we had the reminder of the guidelines and whatnot, but nobody is complying with it like they're supposed to. Mabye it's time to start manually removing their signatures without their consent?


I don't want to call anyone out in particular because I like and am pretty friendly with a lot of them lol, but just by clicking on any thread on the forums you'll notice a bunch of people with signatures that take up entire pages. It's especially annoying in the threads where people make numerous posts in a matter of minutes and you have to scroll through all the garbage in their signatures. Mabye theres a feature you could enable where you could make it so signatures don't show up in game threads but everywhere else on the boards.

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how is my sig?

Your Sig is good to me.


But there alot of people on these boards with Huge pics, cant they resize it a bit?


Its easy to do it... Sometimes it's not even large pictures, most of the time it's people with like 10 small pictures or just a ton of content which is unnecessary and in the end is larger than most giant pictures.

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Does it really matter? I can only see it as bothersome if you're on a 33.6k, which I hope to god you aren't.

If you participate in, or just like reading the game threads, it gets VERY annoying having to scroll past huge signatures in threads which get hundreds of replies and many people post multiple times and sometimes every minute or 30 seconds. Like I said, file size isn't an issue, it's the physical size which takes up large amounts of screen space that is the problem.

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I agree. There was that guy who had all this Chicago Bulls stuff, like picture ON TOP of picture on top of picture. It's like, yeah, we know thw Bulls won a bunch of championships a decade ago. Now can I please see what I came here for?

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i agree with you guys that it makes it difficult to read messages when people have lengthy (vertical) signatures. personally i didnt think it was a huge deal; i turned off signatures and have been reading posts efficiently ever since. :thumbup


enforcing some sort of rough signature size limit might not be a bad idea though...


oh, and if any of you want to turn off viewing signatures you can go here:


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I have sent the following message to every member whose signature pic is larger than the board requirements.



Your sig pic exceeds the boads standards of no higher than 300 megapixels and no wider than 600 megapixels.


Please either re-size it or remove it.


Thank you for your cooperation.







If you have received this PM, please comply. There are a few people who continue to post and haven't re-sized their photos yet. You have one week from the date of this post. After that, we will remove the picture.


These guidelines are in the best interestes of everyone of the boards.


Several of you have complained that while your signature pic was too big, some have signatures with multiple pictures. That is the next thing that will be looked into.


It is not fair to all members for those who don't have broadband or cable to waste time while each page loads because of pictures which are too big or have too may pictures in their signatures.


For those who have asked about re-sizing, perhaps some of the more knowledgeable posters on this board would like to help the rest of us out and give us a quick rundown about re-sizing and uploading signature pics to the boards.



For those who have responded to me in a positive manner- thank you!

When we all work together, everyone benefits. :D :thumbup



The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

*Mr. Spock

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Can we do something about avatars too? There's one member who regularly posts in the game threads and it takes hours to download his little football graphic. Each time you refresh the page IE and Opera download the damn thing again and again.

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