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I hope they're sticking him on the 60-day DL... and someone needs to get him a good dermatologist.


All this BS we're having to deal with is just so unnecessary. Get rid of him while his trade value is still pretty high, all the drama surrounding Beckett is hurting us more than anything. He needs to just go on the 60 day DL, get all healed up, see a dermatologist, and disappear for those 60 days like Wil Cordero.

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Why hasn't he developed calouses yet? This is unf***ngbelievable. Give him a damn band-aid and send his ass to the mound. What is the worse that can happen? he gets injured for the rest of the year? :rolleyes:



Because you can't develop calouses when you are constantly biting your fingers. Why do you think Josh has been getting thrown on the DL every time there's even a twinge? It's obvious the trainers and Medical Staff are tired of him, and are trying to get through to him; if he can't stop hurting himself, he can't pitch. :mischief2


We should hire someone whose only purpose is to follow Josh Beckett 24/7 and kick him in the balls every time he bites his nails. If he doesn't allow it, withhold his salary. I'll say it once, and I will say it again: Glass Beckett! :thumbdown


ps. You can't pitch with a band-aid or any other substance in MLB. It is against the rules. I'm sure you were just being sarcastic, but this is here just in case someone else reading is confused.

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