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If Willy plays tomorrow, and he should...

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I would like to see him catch. C is where he is projected to contribute long term. However, if we need him in LF, and he can help. Play him in LF.

The best thing Willingham can do for the Marlins is swing a bat somewhere in the lineup. We need the offensive boost he can provide.

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Guest Juanky

How about keep this lineup til the break and see what happens regardless of pitcher?


Maybe it's the constant shifting that's making us play like crap?


BTW, I do think Mikey stealing a base and then making a diving effort in the same inning lit a fire under some of the team. They looked more into the game after that.

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Chances are we wont see the same lineup because of McKeon's mistrust of Choi vs. lefties.


Also, if you can get Jeff another day of rest, go for it. The Marlins have a day off after tomorrow, so essentially, you would give Conine 2 days off. But I also dont think that this is an audition for Willingham to take Conine's job. No. This is temporary relief to help us get into the ASB with something brewing. We need Conine to get healthy and our starters to come back. We got another solid outing from a starter, that is good news.


Here is a lineup I would like to see:











But for the meantime, stick with what worked today for another day. Choi should hit against lefties - he is an everyday player and has a very good bat. Willingham can use some more looks and this also gives Conine some much needed rest.

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