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the cost of jerseys

Ice Man

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My god, I just want a marlins jersey and not have to sell the farm....



189.99! WTF...seriously...there is no reason to cost that much.



I bought a ricky williams jersey at footlocker for 50 bucks, granted its a replica, but it doesnt matter. there 100.00 for a replica marlins jersey..



I just bought my shaq jersey for 55.00 and even that is kinda crazy.

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Guest marlins02

Sex is getting expensive too



i couldnt agree more. i might end up having to prey on emotionally vulnerable women.

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where the hell are you looking?


they're like 80 bucks at champs




the replicas right? anyway i want to get a marlins jersey as well. But I want an authentic one and man they are expensive. Looks like I have to start cutting grass if I want one. LMAO.



i would just get the $80 one from champs, it looks fine to me.


but hey, if you wanna go spend 100 bucks more to have a mlb logo on the back...then go right ahead!

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man, that ebay thing rocks.



but still, 80$ for a jersey is still even too much at champs.


plus every damn time i go to a champs here in orlando or anywhere in Cnetral Florida, they only have red sox, yankees and cub jerseys.



it took f***igng forever to get a marlins hat, the only other hat i had sinc ei got these few, was the ones i bougght when i lived in miami lakes...and i hate the teal and black...

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