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Hey everyone! New to the board!


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Well, hey all Marlin fans! Glad to see so many of em! I post a whole bunch on the ESPN.com message boards (g8trz2003), and decided to check out Marlinsbaseball.com boards. Um, I guess I'll say a little about me. I'm a college student. I'm 18, will be a sophomore in the fall. I'm also a Gator fan. I've been a BIG Marlins fan since 93 and have and will stick with em through thick and thin. I live about 3+ hrs north of the stadium, and its tough for me to get down to see many games, but I do try to make em when I can. I went to the A's game with Willis pitching. Um, what else....Oh yah, I like the Orlando Magic too.


Well, I just wanted to say hey, and Ill probably be hangin around this board along with the ESPN.com board if yall dont mind!

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I see you at the ESPN board all the time...




Welcome to the board that doesn't have Cubs fans...

yup, hows it going.


Man, I hate those Cubs fans. Its so annoying. I'm going to start auto-responding to their questions...with yes. "How about Bobby Hill, Guzman, bla bla bla bla bla" for Lowell etc?" Yes.


Just agree with them, and dont respond.

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ha...im here...but Im still loyal to Mollusk, Rex, rfc17....

I remember them well. I use to be a very frequent poster there, but now I'm more of a part time lurker


I'm also remember your posting contributions to the board.


Hope you can find the time to make this another home. Welcome aboard!



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