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Our new lineup and defense:


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CF: Pierre

2B: Castillo

3B: Lowell

LF: Cabrera

C: LoDuca

1B: Conine

RF: Encarnacion

SS: Seabass


SP: Beckett, Burnett, Pavano, Willis..... Ishii?


SU: Mota

CP: Benitez




Losing Choi is disappointing and i'm not liking that at all but aside from that, I love this.

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not sure what to think ... don't like the choi/enc portion of the deal ..... I also would of liked to of seen a lesser prospect go


I don't think juan brings that much back to the club ... I think choi has a superb ceiling and is doing very well this year


I hate to lose choi ... maybe one of our prospects is close to taking over 1b?

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LoDuca's stats:

2003 - .842 OPS before the break, .609 after

2002 - .812 before; .575 after

2001 - .999 before, .852 after

Career - .840 before, .682 after


He should be hitting 8h. No, that's where Juan '.705 OPS' Encarnacion should be batting. No, wait, that's Alex '.705 OPS' Gonzalez's spot.


We now have three mediocre hitters in the lineup, and who knows how long Conine stays hot.

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1B- Conine or Easley

2B- Castillo

SS- Gonzalez

3B- Lowell

LF- Encarnacion

CF- Pierre

RF- Cabrera

C- Lo Duca




I think it should be like that. What do you guys think? I think putting Pierre or Cabrera in 1st base is silly. Conine plays it so he can swap with Easley.


Swap Cabs and Enc.


We know Enc is great in Right and Cabs sucks at Right. Cabs was great in Left and he only moved to Right because we got rid of Enc. Now that he's back, we can move them back and put Conine at first.

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choi didnt look good that AB against worrel just got lucky that we were playin the phillys and worrell is an idiot. If choi doesnt hit that homer the other night none of us miss him


Incorrect. Choi is YOUNG and had much potential. I thought he would be great, and be around for some time.

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