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Nunez Traded


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Marlins acquired pitcher Rudy Seanez from the Royals for outfielder Abraham Nunez.

Finally, the big trade everyone has been waiting for. Seanez had a 3.91 ERA and 21 strikeouts in 23 innings since being called up. That makes him an upgrade in middle relief for the Marlins. Jul. 31 - 3:15 pm et

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This means something.


One, we dont need Nunez for insurance as a backup OFer...


Two, our FO wasnt sold on our bullpen even with Mota...


Three, our bullpen is very deep...


Four, could we be dealing some arms from our pen for a starter?


Anyway you look at this, this is a very good deal for us. We get rid of Nunez who wasnt going to play for us and we get an arm that looks good and ready to contribute. Plus, he is young. I am excited to see what Nunez does with consistent PT too...

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Interesting to note - Nunez was rumored to be included in that Walker deal. But recent reports have re-surfaced that the Walker deal is back on...I wonder what is going on. Something is happening.


Maybe the marlins will ship Encarnacion Seanez and a minor leaguer for Walker

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Nunez was a good pinch runner/defensive replacement...don't know how that is a complete waste, but OK. He didnt produce like alot of you guys thought he would after spring training, but to say he didnt do ANYTHING is ridiculous. Wonder who gets the call up now..Aguila? Sutton?

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