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Look how dominating Mota was in LA....


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The Dodgers' trade-deadline additions had barely donned their new uniforms when the team was given a painful reminder of what had been subtracted.


The Dodgers took a one-run lead into the eighth inning Saturday night at Petco Park. With Guillermo Mota as the primary setup man setting the stage for closer Eric Gagne, the Dodgers were 45-0 this season when leading after seven innings.







I know he was paired up with Gagne but those are immortal stats. So that means he never gave up enough runs to blow the lead to lose the game. If we had Mota from the beggining of the season we would prob be at least 10 games over .500. Can anyone find out how many games we lost after leading after 7 innings?

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Guest Juanky

I've said it many a time before, I'll reiterate. Without Guillermo Mota, Eric Gagne does not save 84 straight. Behind GREAT GREAT Closers are GREAT GREAT GREAT Setup men who can put out some of the fires for him.


Makes you appreciate what Benitez has done this year essentially by himself all that much more.

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i wonder what are record is when leading after 7 innings :plain





As of July 18th.


That's with a AAAA staff pitching the 8th, and sometimes 9th inning.



....and 2 of those 4 were blown by Armando I believe.


that's not to say the pen didn't need help, they clearly do. but the pen has not blown a bunch of leads late in games.


what happens a lot more often is that they fail to keep the game close when the marlins are trailing by a run or two, so that the team has no chance to come back in the late innings.


but in these cases how often will we see Mota & Mando anyway? the coaches tend to use these guys to close out wins, not keep it close during losses. i like the fact that Mota seems to be able to handle a lot of innings, hopefully Jack will be more apt to use him even when the Fish are trailing by a run or two for example....

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