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Homestand Goal...


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Honestly, we are going to have to go 4-2, or perhaps even 5-1 to avoid falling further back on the Braves. The Braves are playing Arizona and Milwaukee during that stretch, and they know how to beat last place teams. While we have Milwaukee and St. Louis. So just looking at schedule strength, we could easily be 8-9 games back after the next 6 games. Let's hope the Braves start to stumble.

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4-2 and I'll be very happy.





ditto ditto


ST L is going to be tough, but we play well against teams like them. It will depend, as always, on our pitching. I dont feel any pressure to sweep the Brewers. Just win and play to win. That is all I want to see.

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5-1. After the disaster in AZ we need to sweep the Brewers and win the series from the Cardinals. We need 18-5 the rest of the month



Yep, they have dug such a deep hole for themselves against last place teams, that is what is will take against all of the contenders. Is the team likely to go 18-5 the rest of the month against the likes of St. Louis, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco?


Very doubtful. Atlanta has to go through the same gauntlet, so our only hope is that they will collapse, but I wouldn't bet on that.

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I think We have to sweep Milwaukee. I know weve been playin badly against last place team but that still doesnt give the Brewers an advantage. I think if we sweep the momentum can win us the Cardinals series likely 2-1. After a sweep and winning a series Vs. the hottest team in baseball would give us the only chance we have to try and catch up in the division and WC

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