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Why we pitch to Barry...


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The best hitting team in the league STL have scored 669 runs . SF with really no hitters besides Bonds have scored 661, 9 behind STL. STL with three guys having nasty seasons and one guy whos the closest to Bond's talent. So if we pitch we pitch to Barry theres no way there going to compile as many runs as the Cardinals with three guys in that lineup who are amazing.


So you can say the reason why SF scores so much is because of Barry walking, because no one around him can hit. Also A pitchers ballpark in SBC

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It depends on the situation.


I'd pitch to Barry when he can't do alot of damage.


There are many situations where it would be best to IBB him.


I'm sure Jack will use discretion when deciding to pitch to him, just as he did in the Division Series last year.



I said this last year in the playoffs - the way to beat the Giants is to keep the hitters in front of Barry off base. That way, he does his damage by himself. And you pitch to Barry in those situations.


Get an early lead, isolate Bonds, and you win. We only need 2/3. A sweep would be insane, but not expected.

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I want to see Barry Bonds play. I want to see us beat him. Baseball, not beanball. I don't accept the low-life knee-jerk reaction that we play dirty. And it's not just "sarcasm," that causes the little people to come up with such crap.

(Fostered by the typically irresponsible genius of MODERATOR DAS TEXAN whose sole contribution was "Let's Bean Him." Quality contribution once again.)

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I'm new here, I usually post on the ESPN boards. Now with the whole Barry thing, I think we should walk him most of the time. The Giants offense numbers are deceiving, I know because I've debated why Barry's season as good as it is hasn't been impressive enough to deserve the MVP award.


Barry has a .612 OBP and has 100 runs on the season, when Grissom and Felix are protecting him Barry has not much a chance to score. With that OBP Barry should be comfortably head and shoulders above the rest in runs, yet Pujols has more and there are about half a dozen if not more players that have within ten runs of Barry.


The bottom and the top of the lineup have overachieved this season for the Giants, they have done their part and more. If we can keep those people from doing damage than Barry and the middle of the pack can be quieted.

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bean barry.


That's the ticket


Armor wearing, plate crowding, racist.



I think you describe Barry to a tee - at least his perception through the media. That said, beaning him is totally wrong (and I know you all are being sarcastic - at least I hope so). I want to see us beat the Giants fair and square - and let me say this:




Time to prove it.

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