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Its official....


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Guest Moneyball

very nice. it's about time baseball got the hell out of montreal. washington will do great and if they are competitive this should help the orioles get better quick, now that angelos has competition.

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Stadium looks nice



I haven't been there yet but I read that RFK was built primarily for baseball but until recently was only known for Redskins games. There are sections that are moveable. During DC United games, fans standing on those sections would jump up and down and the stands would bounce...


Wait, do you mean the Big O? ;)

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RFK is closer to Shea Stadium than Pro Player and other multipurpose stadiums. Seats are close to the field and each seat is pointed towards the second base bag. My worry is that they won't be able to rotate the seats in time and they'll be stuck with the awful 30 foot high walls they had to install for the exhibition games between the Expos and Cardinals.

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Pulled from various sources -- Some serious, some not so much


Washington Grays = History

Washington Generals

Washington Monuments

Washington Mass Destruction -- You could call them WMD.

Washington Nationals

Washington Lobbyists

Washington Beltways

Washington Federals

The District Attorneys


DC Talk

DC Comics or Comix for those that like sports teams that don't end in S

DC Superfriends

DC Supreme 9

The Capital Offenses

The Capital Punishment

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Washington Monuments



I can see it now...


Milton Bradley gets traded to the Washington Monuments and then people start calling the team the Washington Monumentals with an emphasis on mental :lol .


In all seriousness, they should remain the Expos. While this generation has very little or no concept at all of the Expos history and just see them as a bottom feeder with pathetic attendance, the Expos believe it or not have a very rich history full of numerous no hitters, a perfect game, and at one time were a very prestigious franchise. All that has gone to waste since the 1994 lockout and this move will be beneficial and hopefully restore the franchise to what it once was.


They should stay as the Expos and also the meaning of "Expo" just fits the city of Washington very well.

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