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New Logo MarlinsBaseball.com Shirts now for sale


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The shirts are 21.49 a piece total including shipping and are available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. XX-Large is also available but adds 2.00 in charges to each shirt.


I realize this price is not cheap but this is what the printer charges at this present time so it is the best I can do. I'm not looking to profit on these and I am not-- just giving you a way to get them.


Here's how to get one:


PM me and let me know the following:


1) Quantity needed

2) Size(s) needed

3) Shipping address

4) Method of Payment


and I will assist you in making the payment to me so I can order a shirt for you from the printer. The shirt will be shipped directly from the shirt company.


Go Marlins!

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Admin, have you ever thought of having them customized for each member with their screen name?



It would be the same 22... so if anyone wants it with the name just ask and I can get that done. The name would be under or above the logo -- your choice.


22 wow.



Yeah, it's not cheap but there aren't options. It's made to order so it's at cost.

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Hats would also be very nice.



I'm trying to get a feel for how users feel about the shirt before expanding to other branded merchandise. There are tons of different items I can throw our logo onto but if there isn't an intesest -- it would just be a waste of time setting those up.


Let me start a topic about this actually.

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Okay, its time to start Admin's sweatshop. Just make transfers on the computer. Go down to the local store and get t-shirts in all sizes and colors (4 for $5 , $1 more for 2x,) and put Joe to work transferring the logo to the shirts. Your overhead is cheaper, the shirt wears out faster so there will be more repeat orders, and Joe is going to need to save up some cash for when he starts running into all those parked cars.

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