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Snoop Dogg wants to coach...


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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher might want to look over his shoulder - Snoop Dogg is after his job.

"My dream is to coach in the NFL, probably for the Steelers," the cornrowed rapper and actor revealed to Lowdown. "Put that out there for me."


The 33-year-old ex-Crip gangsta - born Calvin Broadus - doesn't completely lack for on-field experience: He coaches his 10-year-old son, Spanky's, football team and has recently teamed with Juba Entertainment (www.jubaentertainment.com) to organize the Snooper Bowl, a charity concert and football game in Jacksonville on Feb. 5 between Spanky's team and an all-star Florida team.


"Football has a lot to do with life," Snoop explained. "You got to learn how to take your losses. You gotta look out for the team like they look out for you."


Snoop denied that his tactics - he reportedly deploys members of his posse to videotape rivals' games for analysis - are too competitive for such young players.


"It's completely legal," he said with characteristic smoothness. "We definitely scout to know what we're up against."


Of course, if for some reason the Steelers gig falls through, he does have a backup plan: "If I wanted to, if I trained, I could be an NFL wide receiver. 'Cause I have the ability to get open."


As for Snoop's Super Bowl prediction, he revealed: "Pittsburgh and Atlanta. Pittsburgh will take it, 20-14."






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