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Delgado's HR's

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How did he calculate that? Did he just use distance or an equation or program?



I think there's a site with all of a player's homerun distances logged somewhere. I remember seeing that one time.



I think he just saw the list with th distances and to what part of the field they were hit and he saw if the measurements fall under the dimensions at pps. He might have miscalculated on a few possibly, but even then the point is that PPS should not hurt delgado's HR numbers by much

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Something just came to mind with this thread...Leiter does (obviously) have an ambition to become a sports announcer. I wonder if the Marlins are hesitant to committ long-term to a replacement for Len, because Leiter wants the job after this year (or the next, who knows?). And I wonder if that had anything to do with Boog leaving the organzation. Maybe they wouldn't committ to Boog because they already promised Leiter the job when he retires. And maybe that's why they still haven't found a replacement for Kasper...


Just speculation...


We already have a commentator in Hutton, Len was the announcer, Leiter would be a commentator.

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is anyone else willing to waste their time and verify leiter's info?




i can't say for sure, but it looks pretty accurate. i don't see many 360 ft. homeruns to RC (most to RC are at least 380). in fact, i don't see any homeruns less than 360 ft. it is 345 down the line in right field in at PPS... i really doubt his home run totals will go down. if healthy, he'll hit 35-45 home runs. it would be awesome if he and miggy hit 40+ each.

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