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How fast can you pitch?

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I throw a 4mph fastball daily :|



Talk to the Rockies scout on the board, he will see if he can get you in Low A ball.


:lol ...I don't know why he lied about being a Rockies scout...anyways...


The Rockies pitching isn't that bad, it's just their park. It'd be easier for him to make it to the Yankees minor leauge, AND he would make a lot more money if he made it to the majors.

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when i was in H.S. i threw high 80's but had a good curveball, slider, change


now am 22 havent really thown alot but yesterday at the marlin game and i went to the place in the stadium were u can get clocked for i think it was $4 and the first pitch i used as a warm-up and it was 82, 2nd pitch 84, and third pitch 86, i was really happy to see i can still get it up there but today my arm is almost falling off

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