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Andino struggles in Arizona Fall League


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Sentinel link


Rather than prove he was ready to assume the Marlins' starting shortstop job, Robert Andino departed the Arizona Fall League last week having raised troubling questions about his future.


His unspectacular .612 on-base plus slugging percentage wasn't the most disappointing part of his 19 games with the Grand Canyon Rafters. Andino played so lackadaisically and with such a poor attitude that Marlins vice president of player personnel Dan Jennings personally delivered a pointed reprimand.


Andino batted .263, but just three of his 20 hits went for extra bases (all doubles). Not that the Marlins had Andino's name penciled into the Opening Day lineup. During a 44 at-bat stint with the club in September, Andino didn't hit enough or show the defensive acumen necessary to supplant Alex Gonzalez in 2006.


Gonzalez's representative has spoken with the Marlins on several occasions. In light of Andino's AFL performance and a paltry group of free-agent shortstops, the Marlins could contemplate offering Gonzalez at least a two-year deal.


Both the Cubs and Braves are believed to have pinpointed Gonzalez as Plan B assuming they don't land free agent Rafael Furcal.


Among the most appealing free agent stopgap options are Royce Clayton and Nomar Garciaparra. Clayton is a type A free agent, meaning the Marlins would lose a first-round pick. At this point Garciaparra may be better suited for third base.


Other free agent possibilities include: Jose Valentin, Deivi Cruz, Pokey Reese, Abraham Nunez and Rich Aurilia.


Not a very good sign for anyone hoping Andino might step in for Alex next season.

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Andino showed flashes of power, in a season or two in the bigs he would probably be the same low BA decent to high power # guy Seabass is. And if he dogs it unless someone is watching him closely, just have Perry Hill or Joe Girardi chew his ass from day 1 of spring training, he will have the idea by opening day.


But from what I have heard, when playing like he should and not being lackidasical, he is a stud defensively.

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We need Seabass back!! Look whos a FA playing shortstop! Normar and Furcal out out auto cause of the $$$ Who else? NO ONE!! WE NEED HIM BACK!!





Nomar will probably make less money than Alex, and he'll probably be more willing to sign a one year deal.


You think so? The 1 yr deal yea but not the money.. I mean if it is 1 yr then of course its gonna be less but if its multi I dont think it would be less

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