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Now that August is upon us its time to look at reality in the mirror. Before this season started, we were left for dead. All of the baseball world laughed at us from the casual fan to a great majority of analysts. We proved all of these doubters right in the very beginning, justifying the lack of attendance in our stadium. But something funny happened along the way. We realized that we can compete and win. We are one of the better teams in all of baseball recently, call it a 'typical Marlin rally' But now its time to look at things as they are. Its time to stand up strong and let everyone know that you are a Marlin fan. Its time to go No Limit once more. We can make some noise in this playoff race. Here we stand 1 August and we sit 5 games out of a playoff spot. We can do this easily.


So its time to stand up for your team. Its time to grab your left nut and yell out who you support, time to man your battle stations for the playoffs are coming. We can only do this as a unified army against the evil that is the National League. You are either with us or against us. Welcome the doubters, the bandwagoners back, they will be needed, but all of you on the front lines, you are most appreciated and will help lead us into the greatest of all victories, the most amazing and shocking of all events. Its time to do it. No Limit Style.

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The basic premise of this post is fine... But this wannabe gangsta Masta P "No Limit" stuff is kind of sickening and makes me think that you are perhaps Randy Messenger trying to make us all forget about how terrible you are at throwing strikes.




If I was a Master P wannabe, I wouldnt be talking in the tone I am, and wouldnt have the history around here that I do. This isnt about some type of hip hop crap or whatever it is, its about manning your battle stations for the war that is the quest for the playoffs.

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