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Games Attended This Season


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How did the Marlins do in games you went to this year?


5-3 in my 8 games.


March 31 vs. Philadelphia 8-5 L

April 26 vs. St. Louis 5-3 W

June 21 vs. Tampa Bay 2-0 W

July 24 @ Atlanta 5-2 L

September 12 vs. Atlanta 5-4 W

September 13 vs. Atlanta 8-3 W

September 24 vs. Philadelphia 6-5 W

September 27 vs. New York 9-3 L

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*Would have attended more if I still lived in Boca Raton.I now reside in Cape Coral*


May 9 vs. Rockies 5-4 win....Enc had a game winning HR.

July 22 vs. Expos 9-1 win.

Semptember 25 vs. Phillies 8-4 win.

Semptember 26 vs. Mets 4-3 win...Marlins clinced N.L. Wildcard.


4-0... :mischief2 I will be attending Game 4 of the divisonal series at JRS...That is if we need 4 games.

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Ive been to 30 + games..i think even 40...OMG i cant believe it...


Lets see


1.Opening day

2.Phillies game

3.Braves game

4-5. 2 Cardinals games

6-7. 2 Giants games

8. Expos game

9-10. 2 A's Games

11-12. 2 Mets games

13.Braves game

14-15. 2 Cubs games


Now is when i start getting crazy


16-19. 3 Phillies

20 - 23. 3 Dbacks

24-25. 2 astros

26- 29. 3 dodgers

30. Padres Game

31-34 ALL 4 EXPOS!!! WOOO

35. Pirates Game.

36- 37 2 Braves Game


38 - 40 ALL 3 PHILLIES

41- 42 2 Mets



I cant believe this s***........

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Uh, 1-0. :thumbup


May 25th - Witnessed the true beginning of the D-Trian Express in Great American Ballpark, pitched 8 shut-out innings of 2-hit ball, it was career win #2, but his first dominant outing. Lowell and DLee went back to back. We led 6-0 going into the 9th when Almanza came in, gave up 2 runs, loaded the bases, allowing the tying run to come to the plate with 2 outs, and then Loop came in and struck out Ryan Freel with Junior Griffey looming on deck. Awesome, awesome game.


I've only been to 2 games ever, they're 2-0, saw them beat the Reds in '97 as well, thanks to a timely Charles Johnson double off the right field wall in Cinergy. I've had extremely bad luck with their trips to Cincinnati, they keep falling on times I'm too busy to go. I almost went to Pittsburgh last month, but got bogged down with school work. If I get my way next year I will go to all 3 in Cincy, but only time will tell. I'm also longing for the year the Fish go to Cleveland.


One of these days I'm going to get to a home game, but as of now, I've never even stepped foot inside the state let alone the Pro.

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i used to think i was jinxed because every game i went to last year we lost. i went to opening day this year and we lost to the phils... so i vowed not to go again for the sake of the team lol. then i went like a month and a half later and every game i went to since then we have won. i havent been to a losing game since opening day (not sure how many that is.. maybe 10?) and considering i am going to games 3 and 4 lets hope my luck doesnt change :p

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Guest marlins02

4 games


Mckeons 1st game with the team against the Rockies... victory

a month later in the series finale against Tampa... victory

a month after that in the 1st game against the Cubs after the break... victory

yesterday... loss


FRIDAY AND SATURDAY (if needed) :lol

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I lost track after I was 10-2. I started going too much to keep count. I know they didn't do quite as well after the 10-2 point. Also, the first game(s) I went to was that Montreal doubleheader where we won both, so I pretty much missed out on the part of the season where we kinda sucked.


In all, I would say I went to 25-30 games. And they probably won 18-20 of those.

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I went to 22 games this year , i would have gone alot more but i live 120 miles away , my 7 year old went to at least 25 his uncle took him when i couldnt make it . Marlins record when my kid went to the game is 23-2 , Marlins record when i went to the game is 22-0. we are the Marlins secret weapons. AKA good luck charms . We will be there fridays game , Stop by and say hello i will be the only one in the stadium wearing the RED Marlins Jersery , its my good luck jersey .

Seat location: section 245, row 2, seats 5-7

Like i said stop by and say hello , im always up for some trash talking before the game. :thumbup

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