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Marlins still alive?


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We are playing the teams we need to play in order to leapfrog over Philly and hold off the Reds. We really need to win at least five out of six vs. the Phillies to have a shot. LA needs to go 5-4 the rest of the way to have a tie with the Fish. Note: LA and SF play the last series of the season.


It's gonna be tough but not impossible.

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tough road to travel but not impossible the only concern i have is how we have played against the phillies this year , no matter what happens i dont want to see the phillies make it , in fact i am going to the last 2 games of the year and if we cant make it i would love for the phillies to have to win one of the last two to make the playoffs and the Marlins take them both !

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I think most people forget how much the conflicts between the FO and Girardi will affect the younger players. Say what you want, but they are thinking about whether the new guy will play them as much, change their position, take away the hitting or pitching coach they love, etc.


It is impossible for them to ignore. This is their life, and there's going to be a major change. They can't help but be distracted now (as they have been for awhile, probably because they saw the problems before it hit the papers and rumor mills).


Therefore, the little chance we had is probably gone. I believe it is a strategy by the FO, especially given it's appearance in columns and interviews by "reporters" who are a little to close to the FO for comfort.


The FO thinks that preserving its argument for a taxpayer subsidy is more important than winning right now. They may even be right insofar as the long term financial health of the franchise is concerned, but the way they are going about it shows a lack of respect for the fans, the players, and the game.

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