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80s Music


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Now, I know this decade is known for not much more than power ballads and hair metal, and the rise of MC Hammer...but honestly, in a span of 10 years, some awesome music was thrown out there.


So, without further delay, what is your favorite song...and band...from the 1980s?


Me, personally, have to go with Here I go Again on my Own by Whitesnake as the song, and Poison as my favorite 80s band.

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Pat Benatar



Bon Jovi

Michael Jackson (He was awesome back then.)

Janet Jackson

Guns 'N Roses

Duran Duran

Culture Club


Pet Shop Boys

Gloria Estefan



The Police


John Mellencamp/John Cougar Mellencamp (whatever his name was in the 80's)



Favorite songs:

"You Might Think" - The Cars

"Centerfold" - J. Geils Band

"Come on Eileen" - Dexys Midnight Runners

"Blue Monday"

"You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" - Dead or Alive

"Don't You (Forget About Me)" - Simple Minds



There's sooooooooo many songs and artists that I like from the 80's. Growing up with two older siblings, I grew up listening to this music. It's awesome. I am so glad that the 80's are coming back in certain styles and music.

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We're talking about 10 years of music here...


But my favorite song may be "Beds are Burning" by Midnight Oil.


From the 80s era my favorite band would probably be Journey or the Police (even though they crossed into the late 70s as well).

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Guest Juanky

Police was late-70's, early 80s but I'll take them as favorite band regardless. My favorite of theirs is probably Don't Stand So Close to Me followed closely by 3-4 other songs.


Honorable Mention to Metallica, with the best from the 80s being One by far.

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I also...and dont make fun...liked Wilson Phillips and "Hold On", Belinda Carlyle and "Heaven is a place on Earth" and Tiffany and "I Think We're Alone Now"


Ha! So did I. Oh, and how can I forget New Kids on the Block?!


Seriously though, I used to watch MTV all the time (I miss the good MTV) and wait to see "Material Girl". That was my favorite video.

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Best Artist: Michael Jackson

Best Album: Appetite For Destruction - Guns 'N Roses

Best Song: Back In Black - AC/DC


I'm with you on all but the best song. It's so easy [pun inteded] to forget about the kungfu death grip Michael Jackson had on the music scene for the majority of the 80's. Look at the songs on Thriller alone:


1. Beat It [with a solo by none other than Eddie Van Halen]

2. Billie Jean

3. Thriller [and the immortal Vincent Price voice overs]

4. The Girl is Mine

5. Wanna be startin' somethin'


7 out of 9 songs were Top 10 US singles. It's the bestselling album of all time. And, I might add, was almost single handedly responsible for the sudden emergence of Break Dancing. That album taught white kids the moon walk and made us all want to go out and buy leather jackets with random zippers. This was a huge part of defining the culture of the 80's.


Best Song... I'm not a big fan but it has GOT to be "We are the World." The other two contenders are "Another One Bites the Dust" and "Eye of the Tiger."

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