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Game 2 thoughts (6-2)


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  • Olsen continues to have trouble in the 4th inning. He needs to learn how to walk the walk.
  • Offense was pretty meh but we did hit a good amount of hard hit balls to the warning track. Like what Rich/Tommy said... Luck wasnt on our side tonight.
  • No errors tonight. Thats a positive
  • Capuano and Sheets are going for the Brewers the next two games. We could be swept :nailbite ...
  • Benny looked pretty good but its too early to tell... he was not in a pressure situation tonight.


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we need to get over .500 already.... im sick of gettin to one game under and then fallin off again.... when are we gonna finally get over the hump and become a quality team like we can be?? i know weve been injured but even with those injuries we have had so many chances to at least be a few games over.... we never take advantage of chances to gain on the mets phillies or braves and sh*t if that nats keep this up were in some trouble.

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By the way, Owens was my brothers teammate in Miami-Dade, he was a catcher, how did he turn to pitching?

the Pirates asked him to try pitching, I believe


Watch his delivery when he takes the ball out of his glove to throw. That has catcher written all over it. To me it looks awkward, but it works for him.


Brew Crew scoring all those runs with 2 outs absolutely killed us. Same thing happened last night.


I was moaning about that as well. Think even Tommy said something about it. Scotty doing it just shows he is still losing his concentration at times. But other pitchers have been pretty consistent doing it as well.

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