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Bravos @ Marlins 7:05


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The weather looks awful. There's currently a monsoon over the stadium, and there's lots of moisture in the area tonite. I'd be surprised if the game started on time, and also surprised if there isn't a rain delay during the game. Shouldn't be a rain-out, but I expect a game that won't be over until after midnight.

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I'm going to the game tonight :D

I'm going too. I hope it bears no resemblance to last night's fiasco.


why not? last night was fun. too bad i don't get to go today...

I would think you would want to share that joy with your fellow Braves fans.

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W. Harris lf .374

E. Renteria ss .327

C. Jones 3b .332

A. Jones cf .199

B. McCann c .262

J. Francoeur rf .288

K. Johnson 2b .278

S. Thorman 1b .228

T. Hudson p .188




H. Ramirez ss .325

D. Uggla 2b .255

M. Cabrera 3b .322

M. Jacobs 1b .288

J. Hermida rf .221

J. Borchard lf .196

M. Treanor c .273

A. Amezaga cf .260

B. Kim p .000


great, the bad lineup again.

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