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Here is my schedule for tomorrow:


5:00am Wake up

7:25am Get on plane in Ft Lauderdale

10:17am Arrive in New York City

10:18am Begin my life


I won't miss Florida terribly much but it will be different. I guess Marlins games will now be attended at Shea.

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Guest marlins02

I guess I should have mentioned that. I'll be a bum for a while doing various tv/film related unpaid internships until one of those eventually leads to a job. I want to be an editor.


good luck to you on that.


i take it you dont want to do news?

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Best of luck man...tough industry to get into, but NY or LA is the way to go


Yeah, originally I was gonna go to LA. But I've been there twice and hated it. Then I went out there for a week to meet a "connection" who was supposed to help me get a job and he didn't end up doing anything. And I still hated LA. If I'm gonna have to do bs work to start my career I'd at least rather do it in a city I like.

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atlanta and chicago are also decent places to go. atlanta has cnn and chicago has some big media outlets if new york doesn't work out.

He's already established that he doesn't want to work in the news industry.


And what's in Chicago besides Oprah and Dr. Phil?


Good luck, man.

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