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Swisher to White Sox


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I feel bad for Gio. He was drafted by the White Sox, traded to Philadelphia, traded back to the White Sox, and now traded to the A's. I will be surprised if he can still be a productive player after all of this.

the ws keep getting rid of him cause he's a headcase...

and he hasnt been what they thought he was going to be as a player...

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nice trade, had no idea Swisher was being shopped.


Kenny Williams couldn't sign any free agents. Fans were upset so he had to make a move to show he is doing something. A's played a nice card game and probably won the hand. Contract below for Swisher. Williams will come and and say it frees up money for other guys. He has trouble signing impact free agents - $$$.


$3.5MM in '08, $5.3MM in '09, $6.75MM in '10, $9MM in '11, and a $10.25MM club option for '12 with a $1MM buyout. The option gets a $1.75MM bump if Swisher is top five for the MVP voting during the contract. He has limited no-trade protection for 2011-12.

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Trying to think what Oakland will look like in 2 years


C - Suzuki

1B - Barton (Carter)

2B - ? (Mellilo?)

SS - ? (Pennington?)

3B - ?

OF - C. Gonzalez/Buck/Sweeney (and about 5 other nice OF prospects)

DH - Cust

SP - Anderson/Santos/Gonzalez/Meyer/Braden (Cahill)

RP - Simmons/Doolittle/Blevins/Casilla/C. Lewis


That's probably going to look really good when you add whatever he gets for Blanton/Chavez/Harden/Street/Gaudin/Ellis/Kotsay/Calero/Duch to the depth chart. Plus he has the new stadium coming which should help with free agency.

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good deal for the A's and the Sox.

Horrifying deal for the White Sox. They are still fighting with Minnesota for 3rd place and sold their young pitching in the process. They'll hit some HR. Great.


Great deal for Oakland. They had no shot at Anaheim and are stock piling. It's what they should be doing and Beane is smart enough to know when to cut his losses. Unlike Ken Williams.

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