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HEAT Calls News Conference


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I hope he doesn't leave, he's still the best suitable coach for this team. If he leaves, he'll be making the same mistake he made in '03 when he quit when it got hard and the franchise ended up getting it's two best players to date. They have a good chance at landing a really special player in this year's draft and if they do, they could be contenders as soon as next year with a healthy D-wade.

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What are the odds he gets rid of Spoelstra once they start doing good?


I suppose that anything is possible, but I can't see him doing that again.


Anyway, I think Spoelstra is a good choice. He's young, well-liked, and has been learning under Riley for years. Most importantly, from what i've read, Wade likes him. Plus i'm sure he's going to be a lot more willing to play young players than Riley. Good news for our future draft pick, Dorrell, and Cook.

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Riley needed to get off the court. He has to focus more on the personnel side of the team, because we should not have taken such a big fall from our 2006 championship to becoming a 15 win team two years later.


This team needs a complete reconstruction around D-Wade. Soon we're going to have to worry about keeping Wade here, and an addition to the team like Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose will help a lot.

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I got what I wanted, a young guy from within the organization. Everything going as planned. Next up, Mike Beasley. :)






I don't see why just about everyone is so in love with Derrick Rose. Yes we do need a PG and Rose is going to be good but there was atleast 7 games where he did not show up last year. Beasley was a beast just about every game with maybe one exception where he put up 5 points and had 12 boards against Xavier. Be in mind he was on a far less talented team as well. Yeah we do have Marion but he still has the option of opting out of his contract which would open up a spot for Beasley.


Even if Marion stays, we could move Beasley to PF and trade Haslem since teams were showing interest in him not too long ago and then go after someone like Chris Duhon to run the point.


Beasley will be at the very least a 20 and 8 guy in the NBA and when you pair that with Wade, that is a deadly combonation.

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