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Anyone else like Cantu at first!?

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Cantu at 1st... no errors, looks more confident and more in control at that base. I think Fredi would be wise in keeping Cantu in that spot. I know that begs the question of o.k. then where does Jacobs go? but right now I like the move to have Helms at 3rd and Cantu at 1st its better than having both a head down throwing Cantu at 3rd and a less than agile Jacobs at 1st.


Any takers?

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Just because I thought of it as I read this, nice play by Helms last night on the ball that hit the third base bag and still got the out.

That was real nice. I remember Tommy saying something like "You'll be seeing that play over and over for the next 24 hours" and thinking "We're not the Red Sox, so no you won't."


And true to form, ESPN had no idea that play happened, even though Kevin Youkilis made a similar play earlier this year and it was shown over and over and over.

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At least for the remaining interleague games, Cantu should remain at first. He's not a defensive liability there and Helms does a decent job fielding the hot corner.


Jacobs is not going to lose playing time once interleague wraps up. Despite his poor batting average, he's been the second most productive bat in the lineup behind Uggla. I would support a positional swap between Cantu and Uggla before seeing Jacobs split time with Cantu at first.

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