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Ok Starbrownies, time to pay up... and just in case you decide not to show up until either a) the Jets somehow make the playoffs, or b) Spring Training, I'd like a Mod to sticky this if at all possible...


Ok Starbrownies, I'll bite on this one, let's do a little wager...


If the Mets fail to make the World Series, note I said WORLD SERIES (Im not even gonna go into winning it)...


You have to put "I have to ask for permission from PWG to talk about baseball" in your sig...


If they do, I'll put "I have to ask for permission from Starbrownies to talk about baseball" in MY sig...


Loser wears it for a year? :mis2


Obviously we're not actually going to ask for permission, it'll just be that little reminder...



That's overblown. We have 2 senior citizens but our core is mostly in their prime and not even in their prime yet.


And to the other guy forget that sig wager with just a comment. Whoever loses has to rock some type of custom 400*90 sig.



Without much further ado... I present.... the spoils to the victor!

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hahhahah thats great

Ive never heard of this Starbrownies Guy though


Just a Mets/Knicks/Jets troll, shows up to say how the teams are gonna win whatever championship and how the players are so great, blah blah blah... he probably won't be around, like I said, until NFL playoffs (if the Jets are in) or Spring Training when the Mets sign "Joe Huge Dollar FA (probably K-Rod this year)" to lead them to the playoffs...

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