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Japan hit by Massive Earthquake


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I wasn't referring to the Godzilla picture with my second comment.


I was referring to the 'it's never too soon' comment. Obviously I don't know a victim in Japan, but it's all funny until it's close to home and it's your aunt or uncle or mother or father or brother or sister dying.


I'm with Dr. B on this one.

I lost 3 people I was very close to over the course of 5 years [04-08], so I really sympathize with those in Japan.

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Here is a weird thing


9/11/01 + 3/11/11 = 12/22/12


Or in other words, terrorist attacks + earthquake/tsunami = end of Mayan calender/doomsday


Edit - doesnt hold, as I've since realised the Mayan thing is 12/21/12



Yes and


09/11/2001 + 03/11/2011 = 12/22/4012.


We've got plenty of time.

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Good so when your next relative dies I'll be sure to be the first one to crack a joke about it.


I think you are just being too uptight.


There's nothing wrong with just a little harmless fun.


God forbid some one messes with something you hold dear.

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