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Mujica OK

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He's certainly not very tough.


I guess I'll never worry when he's nearly crying on the field, again; Mr. Dramatic Man.




LMAO! I thought he was done for the year the way he acted. But its so tough to say how hurt he was, cause people have different tolerances for pain. Im just glad he's OK, and hopefully back in the lineup in a couple of days!

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Um, Hanley 2?


Mujica earned his drama money for that performance.


On a lighter note glad he is ok.


Also, I like how the "lighter note" is the fact that he's okay. Shouldn't that be the most important thing, no matter how sh*tty a guy is performing?


Uh... who said he was performing sh*tty he pitched very well until he got hurt, I just remember seeing Hanley over react and thats what it reminded me of considering he was not even put on with a DTD.

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