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2012 Miami Marlins anthem


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On the subject, I have Scott Stapp's Marlins song in my iTunes library.


Yeah, I said it.



I am SO disappointed in you.


If it's any consolation, it has 0 plays. I just have it because it's Marlins related.


Just a question, Admin. Are you planning on keeping this forum layout? Looks sub par compared the the past lay outs. those looked much more legit. I'm not trying to complain, or be banned or nothing, I'm just wondering. lol



http://forums.marlin...-site-overhaul/ - It was discussed in there at length.

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Stapp's song was better. Although his lyrics were laughable, any song that has the lyrics "new revenue stream" in it is an automatic failure.


I liked that :lol

I think only a white dude is capable of having lyrics like that in a song.

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i'd love to see any of you lads try to create something half as creative as this...sure it's corny but it's not terribad


If he didn't rely on auto-tune, I'd cut him much more slack.

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The same guy made a song right after the Heat got LeBron last season. It sounds exactly the same as this one.


Of course it does. It's basically a computerized voice. :lol

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