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I've been on-line since 10 AM, trying to buy tickets.


I've been timed out 4 times!!!


Anybody else having this problem?


Signed, Frustrated



Likewise, now its saying high traffic wont let me purchase tickets.


Somethings is screwed up. I had entered all my information and had like 2 minutes left and went to finalize it and said i timed out.

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Finally got it to go through. I thought only season ticket holders get parking passes because it gave me the option to purchase one for each game? I bought one for the Friday game. Hope it works.


Well im set for my trip down for the Blue Jays series.


Ill spend the Friday game inLexus Legends Gold Section 223

Saturday in 324 and Sunday in Section 21 behind the dugout.

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Apparently there is a problem with the website. I got the same thing but finally got it, I think the problem is that you have to finish the whole process before the initial 3 minutes they give you. So if you don't wanna get timed out, finish the whole process under 3 minutes.

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Yea, Im problems with it too. There was also two different prices, so they are really messing up.



What do you mean Mephisto. I didnt recall seeing different pricing. Im curious to know


Well at first I wanted to go on Sunday, but I remembered that they said that trolley wouldn't run on those days so I changed my and decided to go on Friday, and the Friday night tickets were $5 more expensive.

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I see. They have a dynamic pricing structure. Cheapest seat for the Boston Series is 30 bucks while for the Toronto series its 13.00. They change the prices depending on opponent and days.


Ya gotta "love" that Premium Game thing. For ST they even had a Double Premium Game thing going on. That's what they called the Saturday game vs the BoSox.


Hope ya all get the tix ya want. Big games will be rather expensive on StubHub.

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