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Matt Dominguez


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(I think this thread will move to minor league thread.)



Dominguez' sluggin' % is not good as a 3rd. Maybe he would get a chance at the spring camp, but it wouldn't expect high ceilling.



Forget about him.




Carlos Lee sluggin' % isn't good as a 1st.



I don't get why anyone would defend lee's production at 1st

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Maybe not defending his production 'at 1st', but his production as a whole is very defendable. He's not a prototypical 1B player, but he's useful in a lineup for sure.


You don't always have to fit the bill of your position to be useful. I like to think of the batting order as somewhat independent from the field.


It might be harder to make that ideal batting order, but don't let the fact that Carlos Lee doesn't hit like a typical 1st baseman be the reason you get rid of him.


The same goes for Dominguez. I just think Dominguez was easy to bail on because he was lacking production overall -- not just production for a 3rd baseman.

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Carlos Lee just isn't good at all anymore.

We're defending a guy who has an .OPS under .700 as a Marlin.


If he's our starting 1B next year, that would suck.



His discipline at the place is nice though. He rarely strikes out. He gets on base. Yeah, he really doesn't do much outside of singling and walking, but that's a nice thing to have sometimes. Depends where you put them in the lineup.

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Position scarcity counts when determining a player's value. Lee's performance really isn't that nice to have when you figure that it isn't very difficult to find someone else to do the job better.


And that walk rate is going to go down next season. It's pretty high above his career norm or at least it was the last time I checked. He'll be a replacement level player at best when the OBP comes down a little combined with almost zero power and bad defense.


He'd be an okay bench player for a million or two, but I'm not interested in having him for anything else.

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Of course it counts, but it isn't all telling.


And while you say that, we have enough holes to fill as it stands right now. 1B shouldn't be something to worry about. We don't have players for several positions. With 1B, we have two options. Neither of which are spectacular, but in reality those are the only two options that aren't a complete waste of time and money.


If you buy a 1st baseman, you're probably wasting money that could've been spent on the numerous other spots that are completely empty, rather than the spots that we're simply par at.

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Who said anything about spending money on a first baseman?


Lee projects to be replacement level player or worse next season. You let Morrison play every game at first next year. Even without Morrison, finding a replacement player for a cheaper amount than Lee would earn next season is not very difficult. That's why position scarcity is important. A sub-.700 OPS is pretty terrible (low value) when you consider that he can only play the easiest position on the diamond. You are better off looking for someone cheaper and/or someone with some actual upside.


I think the problem is that you are overestimating Lee's offensive production. I don't mind him for a million or so as some kind of back-up, but he's really not worth more than that.

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