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9/3/2014 New York Mess @ Miami Marlins, 4:10 pm Pacific Time


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Oh, look. This lineup again:


Christian "Still a Baby" Yelich


Donovan "Still Collecting an MLB Paycheck" Solano


Giancarlo "Still Monstering Dongs" Stanton


Casey "Still Regressing" McGehee


Marcell "Still Swinging At Everything" Ozuna


Garrett "Still Killing Rallies" Jones


Jarrod "Still Can't Believe I Got That Contract" Saltalamacchia


Adeiny "Still Don't Think WAR Likes Me No Matter How Many Triples I Hit" Hechavarria


Tom "Still Fucking Up The 6th Inning" Koehler


Going up against Rookie of the Year candidate Jacob "Still on the Mets" deGrom: 2.94 ERA, more strikeouts (106) than hits allowed (99) in 113.1 innings pitched.



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