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2014 World Series Thread


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Game 1 - Tuesday, October 21

Giants (7) @ Royals (1)

Giants up 1-0

Game 2 - Wednesday, October 22

Giants (2) @ Royals (7)

Series tied 1-1

Game 3 - Friday, October 24

Royals (3) @ Giants (2)

Royals up 2-1

Game 4 - Saturday, October 25

Royals (4) @ Giants (11)

Series tied 2-2

Game 5 - Sunday, October 26

Royals (0) @ Giants (5)

Giants lead 3-2

Game 6 - Tuesday, October 28

Giants (0) @ Royals (10)

Series tied 3-3

Game 7 - Wednesday, October 29

Giants (3) @ Royals (2)

Giants win World Series 4-3

*if necessary


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Giants vs Royals. Wild Cards dominating the playoffs this year, so no matter what one of these teams will set the record for most playoff wins in a single post season...possibly set the record for longest single season playoff win streak as well, considering the Royals have yet to lose.


Correction: with the Royals winning 8 straight, they now own the record for longest single post season win streak and hold an 11 game post season win streak which places them two games behind the record leading Yankees, who have two streaks of 13 post season winning streaks.


Pretty impressive.

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Robb Nen made a backhanded insult to South Florida yesterday saying that the 02 Giants Championship energized the city of San Francisco and that it wasnt the same way when he won the 97 Championship down here. Listen Robb, I get you were tossing out the first pitch merely hours before the Giants won the pennant and shilling for the local team is fine but South Florida was mighty energized in 97 and would have stayed energized if the team wasn't dismantled before Craig Counsel landed from his trampoline leap off home plate. By no means am I comparing the city and fan base of these two teams cuz I know where we stand in that argument but don't act like South Florida was all meh over that first championship. There wasn't a human being in Miami who didn't love that postseason and didn't want it to last.

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Heck, we sold out a football stadium for all 4 games and to this day I still see 1997 World Series hats once a week on ransom people, from Coral Springs to Little Havana to Doral, to Kendall, Cutler Bay and all the whore houses lining Kings Highway in Florida City.



Huizinga'so a bitch by the way. Fuck crater face.

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