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Jarred Cosart Could be in a Lot of Trouble (Unreliable Sources)

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He didn't bet on baseball. Is he stupid for putting it on twitter? Duh, but the most this will come out to is Major League Baseball giving him a talking to behind the scenes and maybe being forced to take some classes on proper social media use or something.


This probably shouldn't be that big of a deal.



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Guest Vince0926
Only reason I could see this being brought up by MLB is that they'll treat betting on other sports like the gateway into betting on baseball.


Really, nothing should come out of this more than him being told to watch what he posts on Twitter.


If he goes 15-7 with a 3.50 e.r.a., then i can forget this ever happen.



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Nothing from reliable sources just yet, but still something to maaaaaybe keep an eye on (probably not)








Im going to have to go with the "innocent till proven guilty" schtik for now. Apparently these tweets happened in "December", which would be unbaseball related, and further...you're just now coming forward wih this 4 months later? I just dont see this "Ghostfade killer" as a very reliable source, and he seemed awfully happy to have shut down a mlb players twitter account.



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