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Marlins place McKirahan on Waivers; Claimed by Braves

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Wait, I'm actually confused here. I thought there were only 2 options with him... Opening Day roster or return to the Cubs. So why is he being put on waivers?


Edit: Forget it, I figured it out. He has to pass through waivers before being returned to the Cubs. So that's it, he's not staying here. Whether we like it or not, Hand gets the nod because he has the major league experience and can also start if needed.



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Now Finalist of RP : Crow, Dyson, Masset.



Crow - $2 million, cannot be sent to minors, Marlins will eat that amount if they DFA him, he is a veteran with playoff experience (which they want on a young hopefully contending club), and has a 2.25 era this spring with 9 K in 8 IP


Dyson - Can be sent to minors, 8.31 era this spring, although he is striking out people (11 in 8+)


Masset - Can be sent to minors, 7.36 era this spring, and 3 ks in 11 IP


Why is this so hard?



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Redmond this morning: "Ok guys, we're about to settle the roster but have some difficult decisions to make... Listen carefully, does anyone have even the slightest potential injury? Anyone? Anything?"


...no one raises a hand...


Redmond: "Well, ok that about settles it... In my office in five minutes I'd like to see Colvin, Brignac, Dy..."


Dyson: "Wait! I'm pretty sure Crow got a papercut yesterday when he was helping Reed pack his bags!"


Redmond: "Is this true Aaron?"


Crow: "Um, well, yea, but, I mean, it's just..."


Redmond: "That's it! Crow you're hitting the DL! Get ready for Opening Day, Sam!"


Dyson: "Yessss!" ::high fives both Solanos::



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I just realized McKirahan is gonna be at our Opening Day after all! Lol imagine if we end up getting the game winning hit off of him.


​It was all a plan


​Wonder if he'll get a shot at the closer job if Grilli fails.


​No. If Grilli fails, Jim Johnson will be next in line. If Johnson fails, Juan Jaime is rumored to be next in line. McKirahan would likely be one of the last options. Keep in mind also that the Braves will have very few save opportunities.



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