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Phelps starting Friday vs Mets

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What is Phelps' FIP? I am still trying to figure out what that is.


​His career FIP is 4.21, which actually isn't great. FIP is fielding independent pitching, it basically tries to make pitchers responsible only for what they can control. ERA is tricky in that relievers can give up inherited runners and not get charged for them, bad defenders can not get to a ball which ends up as a hit where it wouldn't have otherwise and so on. FIP loves strikeout pitchers because it doesn't require fielders at all, and groundball guys tend to have low FIPs as well, especially those who induce weak contact with cutters or two-seamers. Basically, it works the way ERA would if all teams had the same fielders and all parks were built the same. It is a normalized stat, like WAR or OPS+



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FIP just looks at K, BB, and HR. Nothing else. It doesn't assume league average defense or anything like that (that's specifically in it's name - Fielding Independent Pitching).


What it does is look at what a pitcher can control and ignore what it can't control (K, BB, HR), and then adds variable that changes year-to-year to put it inline with ERA.


It has no preference in batted balls. GB pitchers generally allow less HR, but that's no guarantee. eg Matt Cain gave up FB nearly double the rate Sergio Mitre did. Cain HR/9: 0.82. Mitre: 1.07.



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