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Marlins Trade $500k for Enderson Franco

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Good thing they didn't spend any of that money on free agents. I was nervous about how much money they have been spending so I'm glad they found a way to save some over the long term.


Eh, it's not real money, just money the team is "allowed" to use. Best analogy I saw was that it is like "airline miles that you won't use". It's not like we actually gave up $500,000. That being said, we could certainly have found an international player to spend that money on that would be better than a Single-A player with really bad numbers.



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IIRC, we got Matt Ramsey from the Rays last year for international $?


Seems like every year, we're just going to pick up filler from the Rays and let them sign talent.


To be fair, every single one of our minor league teams is under .500 and could use the help :blush



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