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Derek has nice shades


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And why logo has become so many shades of orange? 

That's the spring training logo. It's nice but mismatched like hell when paired with the regular logo and that bugs me. But so many teams have mismatched logos in spring training because new caps and or jerseys get made and they never actually worry about having a cohesive look.
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No the brave logo


But the tomahawk too


Which Brave logo? If it's the screaming Indian face, they no longer use that logo so that's why they don't get heat for it. The last time they attempted to use that logo it was scrapped before it hit the field. I can't think of any other Braves logo that is anywhere as close to being as offensive as people say Wahoo is.



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Speaking of logos:


Why is chief Wahoo bad. But whatever the braves have is ok?


Chief Noc-A-Homa is no longer used by the Braves. They replace him with a bad fake Mr.Mets mascot. They tried to used it on 2013 for their BP caps but got shut down intermediately by MLB . but some made it to retail




and was replaced by this





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