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Benitez Or Williamson


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I'd rather have Williamson, but at the cost of Redman Benitez is just as appealing, if not more so. McKeon loves Williamson though, so you have to think that Beinfest will take that into consideration. It always helps a closer when your manager has faith in you. Who knows, we may get both, but I like our chances of getting at least one.

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Williamson for a couple of reasons.


1. He's a cheaper alternative to Benitez. He made 1.6 million last year not sure about this year but it should be somewhere near that. That's almost half of what Benitez would cost.


2. Doesn't have the baggage that Benitez brings.


3. He's a younger alternative. Williamson is only 27 if we could lock him up he could be our closer for years to come.

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I just looked at thier numbers for last year and they're VERY similar...


Scott Williamson


Games: 66

Innings Pitched: 62.2

Hits: 54

Runs: 30

Earned Runs: 29

Home Runs: 7

Base On Balls: 34

Strikeouts: 74

Wins: 5

Losses: 4

Holds: 5

Saves: 21

Blown Saves: 7

BAA: .227

WHIP: 1.40

ERA: 4.16


Armando Benitez


Games: 69

Innings Pitched: 73.0

Hits: 59

Runs: 27

Earned Runs: 24

Home Runs: 6

Base On Balls: 41

Strikeouts: 75

Wins: 4

Losses: 4

Holds: 5

Saves: 21

Blown Saves: 8

BAA: .218

WHIP: 1.37

ERA: 2.96

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If Williamson is eligible for arbitration and the Sox don't want him, why even make a deal? I say we tender all of our starting pitchers and see where things lay in 5 days. Or just trade Redman to the Rangers for Snare. Or dangle Pavano to a couple clubs (Cards?). No point in helping the Red Sox get A-Rod and send Nomar to the Phillies or Dodgers.

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I think he has been effective enough at closer to think he can stay there and be comfortable there in Miami. Plus, add to that the fact that we wouldn't have space for him if he was a starter.

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