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Jeter wants roof open more


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This is a good idea in theory but in practice it won’t work out.  There’s something about the configuration of the Park which holds air differently than Hard Rock Stadium.  In the old days I never had any issue with heat/humidity for night games regardless of the time of year.  In fact there were nights well into the season when if you had enough wind in the upper deck it was downright cool.  The new park is too closed in and you don’t get that air circulation like you did in the old park.  A conversation about the cost/benefit of a retractable roof is moot for the Marlins but it is relevant for any prospective Rays stadium.  If you weigh the additional costs associated with six home games a year with an open roof coupled with the improved technology in artificial surfaces I think the Rays and Rangers would be better served constructing closed roof facilities with clear ceilings like the Vikings and save the money.



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Has the tech improved enough where it wouldn't cause issues on fly balls? 


That I’m not sure of.  I was always skeptical of things I read about the Astrodome reconfiguration.  Clearly they couldn’t grow grass in there.  But I wondered if the players complaints about glaring was done to bolster their main complaint which was the grass being so poor (thought being that if you complain enough about a roof which has to be painted, then grass becomes impossible). 


To answer your question I have no idea if glass roof tech has improved for visibility.



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