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Braves sign Almanza


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LATEST NEWS - December 22 - Previous News

Braves signed LHP Armando Almanza, who had been with the Marlins, to a one-year contract. Even though he's coming back from elbow surgery, Almanza didn't have any difficulty finding work after being non-tendered by the Marlins. The 31-year-old has control issues and is rather homer prone, but he does have a quality arm, and if anyone can get good work out of him, it's Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone.



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ATL signing all good pitchers with power that just need work


alf is one, almansa another. almanza could be the best lefty spesialist if he got fixed


true dat. after 15 years of turning garbage into gems, i suppose the Braves might get the benefit of the doubt on this one. I sure don't see it though.....

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Sure, Mazzone may be able to fix him, but ask yourself this.


The Marlins are looking for a hard-throwing, inexpensive left-handed reliever....and they passed on Armando Almanza :banghead

well...i want someone better than him...I think we can get someone better...and well we just dont have so much much-so maybe we just cant keep him...If the braves want him-and they offer a lot of money than there is nothing we could do about it...now we need a LHP in the bullpen-and that is one of our major needs-but its not such a big deal...we have right handers tht can do the job...only in some cases like vs Thome...only in those cases do we need a LHP...but besides that we dont really need one :)

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