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Which web browser do you use?


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I’ve been a Firefox guy for a lot of years.

Besides that I also have used some of the newer Chromium based browsers like Vivaldi.

Vivaldi is pretty cool if you’re someone who likes customizing stuff, as basically every aspect of the browser can be customized. But overall I would say I’m a Firefox guy.

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10 hours ago, SonOfJack said:

Nowadays, I use MS Edge on all my devices since it is cross platform and runs pretty well.

Back in the day, I was a fan of Netscape.

Netscape became Mozilla so Firefox is Netscape. 

I've been using Firefox primarily although for work I'm forced into using Internet Explorer as some of our stuff literally will not work on any of the other browsers 

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Back in the day I used a little Opera for a hot second, Firefox was great for a while.

Netscape Navigator I thought always sucked, sucked even more than Internet Explorer which was great until it was god awful and just kept getting worse.

Edge is fine, I just dont always like change. 

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Back when AOL was still a whole platform with its own browser and everything I preferred that over IE.  Them were the dial up days. Hard to believe spam and pop up ads weren't even a thing yet. You got an email and that meant it was usually from someone you knew. Wild.

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