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May 24th Marlins vs Phillies- 6:40 pm


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2 hours ago, FishFan95 said:

Eflin has allowed a career low 0.8 BB/9 this year, and didn't walk any Marlins on Wednesday. Marlins have the lowest walk rate in the NL so don't look for this number to budge much. If the Marlins are walking early, solid advantage Fish.

Hey, a walk by Miggy Ro!

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Just now, FishFan95 said:

Paul: "Why do hitters ask after swinging the bat"


no response.

Really? For that you have nothing to say!


Just now, rmc523 said:

Did Paul really ask that?  Obviously asking if it was a strike or not so he knows whether to swing at it next time or not lol.

Maybe Holly thought it was so obvious he became speechless.

Paul needs to ask more stupid questions.

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