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6/18 Post Game Thread


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Isan and Brinson optioned, bats wake up. Coincidence? Yeah probably.

Duvall a pair of shots and drives in six.

Berti a 3 run ding dong.

Marte had the other RBI with a walk. Cool!

Poteet 3.2, got squeezed a bit but did what he needed.

Curtiss, Detwiler, and Pop went the rest scoreless. Good stuff.

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said it all year, we'd be over .500 with 4 runs a game, if i go look, i wouldn't be surprised if they only needed 3 runs a game to be over .500


so i looked....


they have 11 more wins if they had scored 4 in each game - there's also an additional 5 games where we would have gone to extras if they had scored 4 so that's a total of 16 possible wins right there with an average offensive output.  SIXTEEN!  obviously you are going to have some games where you don't score 4 runs and you eke out a 2-1 win or something but man...SIXTEEN games is a TON at this point. 


They would have 7 more wins if they had just scored 3 in each game - an additional 5 possible wins as they would have gone to extras.  so even if they had just eked across 3 runs per 9 there's a possible 12 extra wins


offense has been awful and they're just constructed as a boom-or-bust type of offense.  I really hope Berti stays hot though and gets back to the level we know he can play at.  Not even kidding that if Berti gets back to his career norms he's almost like getting an all-star over at 3rd in the sense that he's replacing Isan over there in the lineup - the difference is that large. 

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And once in a while you have a night where the pen coughs it up, too.. but this "new and improved" pen pissed away too many... Some of it is on Don for putting relievers in the wrong roles / innings but these re MLB relievers, they still need to do their jobs...


Also might not have had too many bullpen failures if the offense scored an extra run or two... kinda goes hand in hand

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