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PPS Naming Rights


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The Pro Player company has not existed for several years now. Am I supposed to believe that no company wants to pay for naming rights to PPS? Or is Wayne content on keeping the defunct name? I mean, the Office Depot company bought the rights to what used to be National Car Rental Center last year.

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i like Marlin Stadium teh best.

Most teams cannot afford anymore to go without a corporate sponsor. The Phillies tried naming their stadium after the late great Richie Ashburn but Citizens Bank offered too much money to turn down.


Another example is San Diego, do you really think they wanted Petco park?

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Why can't Bill Gates just build us a stadium?

Microsoft Field: "The stadium that crashes once in a while." :thumbup I'm still waiting for The Trojan Dome, The Dome of course being for extra protection.


Back on Subject, I don't see why it would be the smartest thing for a cruise line to have a stadium named after them, it's not like Cruises are cheap and most of the time people that do take cruises already know what line they would take from past experience.

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