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Greatest TV Show of All Time Nominations


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All In The Family

Married With Children



I would say the simpsons, but the simpsons are like Juan Samuel's career. Good the first 6 or so seasons, mediocre to bad in the rest. The simpsons are horrible now, and it is no longer the smart satire it was in the past. Seasons 2 through 7 were its golden age, seasons 3 through 6 its true peak.

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Married with Children



i agree with the Simpsons it is getting kinda wack now.....


other close 1's who didnt make the list.....


1.Fresh Prince

2. Friends

3. Stanfard and Son

4. Malcom in the Middle

5. boy meets world

6. Family Matters

7. Saved By da Bell

8. Good Times

9. Cheers

10. Taxi

11. All in teh Fam

12. 3'z company

13. Baywatch

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Guest marlins02

i totally forgot about the fresh prince, ive seen every episode and have developed this distrubing habit of being able to say lines before the actors themselves say them.


its sanford and son, dummy :D this damn arthritis aint letting me type


did someone say DYNOMITE!! i hated it when James died, that was depressing

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You people have to be joking about the Simpsons. The only bad season in the past 5 years was last season, when the show had some of its worst episodes to date. This season, the writing is way better, and the episodes have been great. The worst season has to be the first one, anyway.

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